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  • Confronting Cornell University’s Origins in Indigenous Dispossession

    by Professor Jon Parmenter In this contribution to a forum on “The End of Early America” the author discusses his research-in-progress on Cornell University’s historical entanglement with the proceeds of Indigenous dispossession stemming from the Morrill Act of 1862.  Analysis of the parcels of Morrill Act acreage located, entered, and subsequently managed by Ezra Cornell…

  • Good Intentions are Not Good Relations

    Grounding the Terms of Debt and Redress at Land Grab Universities

  • My Back Yard, Equity Concerns, and Land Grant Truth-Telling

    This article has been republished with permission by  This article was published as a part of’s spring 2022 issue.  You can read the whole issue here. by Dr. Charles Geisler I live on land in upstate New York awarded to Revolutionary War veteran, Izaac Doty, for his military service. I also live on traditional homelands of…