Indigenous Dispossession and the Founding of Cornell: Part 2 with Michael Witgen

The following is taken from The Humanities Pod, funded by The Society for the Humanities at Cornell originally posted to their website on January 21, 2021. Informal conversations with Society Fellows, Cornell Faculty, community collaborators, and special guests shine a light on some of the new work, the current conversations, and the latest ideas of humanists at and around Cornell.

This podcast further addresses the relationship between Cornell University’s founding in 1862 under the Morrill Act and the United States’ prior dispossession of Indigenous nations’ homelands that provided the “public lands” utilized to fund land-grant colleges and universities.


Jon Parmenter, associate professor of history at Cornell University
Paul Fleming, Taylor Family Director of the Society for the Humanities
Michael Witgen, professor and former director of Native American Studies at the University of Michigan


Read the full transcript here.